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Banking Jobs in Northeastern India

If you are looking for a banking job in the Northeastern India, we will let you know that there are both public sectors and private sector banks in India.

Many of the leading banks were nationalized by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the year of 1969. So getting employment in a public sector bank in India is getting a job under the government of India. You need to be a graduate at least to get a job of a clerk or officer in all these public sector banks. These banks conduct examinations through the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection which one has to pass in both the preliminary and the main tests to fill in the vacancies.

Private sector banks also require graduate sometimes a higher degree as a management degree or a training of a probationary officer. They also require skills and corporate attitude for conducting their service and for that they also need to have skilled and trained employees. The opportunities of banking job in North East are available enough, and Career Next provides all the training and courses for having a public or a private sector banking job in the northeast.

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