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International Programs


Engineering, Technical Degrees & Diploma, Fashion, Tourism, Hotel Management, Media Studies, Jewellery & Gemology, Research programs.
This value—based—study is designed to inculcate on-job training to students during the entire session of study. This is an opportunity for students to get hands-on-experience on high end technologies and use IT tools to develop innovative solutions for difficult computing problems in real time, stated the company press release.

Some of the technologies that will be dealt are SOA, Multi-Core Architecture, Enterprise Computing, Web 2.0, Cloud computing etc. This will also train them, to understand the technologies beyond learning in an academic setting, with skills needed to work in teams, under stress in a professional manner.

Finishing School Programs give the opportunity to the students to undertake real-life projects and provide interview skills during the last 45 days in the college. This is not enough to learn the skills to deliver the knowledge possessed during the years of school—based—study.

With the Regulations implemented by U.G.C-A.I.C.T.E, Technical Degree/Diploma & Research Programs in Distance mode are no more valid Important Links.


Few courses like Engineering, Paramedical, Applied Art, Vocational and Technical Diploma cannot be imparted successfully in distance mode, so the process of Industry Collaborative/Integrated Program & Online mode are implemented to provide Regular Degree by the University.
So, this method of education which stresses on Practical based Learning, provides better knowledge to the students than the Distance Learning
Considering that the Industry Collaborative Education and collaborative degrees are work-integrated learning programmes, it is essential that the applicant is engaged in work in the relevant professional areas. The final offer of admission for such programmes would be based on the applicant’s educational background, academic achievements, work profile, relevant work experience, profile of the employing organization and proposed mentor’s profile.
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